’s GEM Program: A Mission of Excellence

Since the early days of our company’s founding, has believed in publicly recognizing and celebrating nursing excellence and has made doing so part of our company mission. Now, after nearly three decades the GEM Awards program is the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the nation.

We believe we have something special and unique in the GEM Awards. Others may celebrate nursing in various ways, but for us, it is an intrinsic part of who we are as a company. The program underscores our belief that excellence exists in all areas of nursing, and we consider it a privilege to give meaning to excellence by publicly acknowledging nurses every chance we get.

Each year we conduct an online coast-to-coast search for nurses of excellence, and bestow GEM Awards those identified by their nursing colleagues as being the best of the best.

Nurse leaders act as judges to evaluate and score all nominations in the categories of leadership, management, education, volunteerism, inpatient care and community care. We then select finalists, regional winners and, ultimately, national winners.

Our nomination period from coast-to-coast is now open and will remain open until April 15, 2016. Finalists will be announced in our July issue of, regional winners in the November issue and national winners early in 2017. We look forward to sharing all their winning stories and our GEM events with all of you who will be celebrating your colleagues for the true GEMs they are.


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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

An RN who demonstrates superior clinical nursing knowledge and expert skills and who applies both talents in ways that measurably impact the quality of patient care and improves outcomes in any inpatient clinical setting or nursing specialty.

Excellence in Community Care

An RN who exemplifies outstanding clinical knowledge and nursing expertise in caring for patients in settings beyond the hospital, including professional home care nursing; home hospice; sub-acute and intermediate care; and other ambulatory community, industrial or school nurse roles.

Excellence in Education and Mentorship

An RN who contributes to nursing’s body of knowledge through formal nursing education, skills training or continuing education, or who guides, supports or influences nurses’ career development in meaningful, measurable ways through the art of professional nursing.

Excellence in Executive Leadership

An RN who is well-known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader and change agent; who moves the profession forward through work in patient care administration, education or research; or strengthens the profession through other professional activities, endeavors or contributions.

Excellence in Management

An RN who makes significant contributions to the management, supervision or direction of the environment of care and the performance of staff, demonstrating an ability to lead, influence and improve outcomes of care in any inpatient or outpatient setting.

Excellence in Volunteerism

An RN who gives of self in outstanding humanitarian and/or heroic ways by providing nursing care, skills and expertise in outreach to the community, either in the U.S. or abroad, to improve the lives, well-being and healthcare of others.

SPECIAL AWARD: Rising Star Award

A RN who possesses a strong nursing knowledge base and good clinical skills; who shows special characteristics and traits indicative of future leadership strengths; who has personal and career goals in place, and who demonstrates knowledge of current professional nursing issues.

“What a wonderful thing it is to be recognized! Thanks to, nurses have a way to acknowledge each other.” – 2014 finalist
“I am very excited about the nomination and about participating in the GEM event!” – 2014 finalist

Excellence deserves the spotlight